A Sneaky Peek At Virgin Limited Edition’s Latest Super Luxury Villa!

We all know that Virgin founder Richard Branson likes a holiday retreat – he purchased the stunning Necker Island, next door to the British Virgin Islands, for just $180,000, and spent $10 million converting it into one of the world’s most sought-after places to stay.

Indeed, it was one of the first stops that Barack and Michelle Obama made after leaving the White House (on a long vacation), and Mariah Carey is said to be a regular guest.

But even Mr. Branson isn’t above a spot of Airbnb’ing when he is not using the island for his personal pleasure or to entertain his celebrity friends.

Being Branson, however, he doesn’t use the Silicon Valley based sharing economy unicorn to do his dirty work – he has his own company – Virgin Limited Edition – do it for him.

And his super-exclusive Limited Edition service doesn’t just rent out Necker Island, either.

The latest Limited Edition ‘des res’ to open is called Son Balagueret, and it accompanies two other villas, Sa Terra Rotja and Sa Punta de S’Aguila, which opened in summer 2016, at the Son Bunyola Estate, on the North-West coast of Mallorca.

Son Balagueret is spread across a luxurious yet refined 3 floors, with a central courtyard, private heated swimming pool, and panoramic views of the rest of the estate and drop dead gorgeous coastline.

The Villa can sleep up to 6 people, in 3 bedrooms, the most striking of which is situated in a “unique and historic” turret, which dates back to the 13th Century.

Guess what? It doesn’t come cheap. Before you can think about driving your Rolls Royce through the gates (mind the swimming pool, now!) of the 700-acre estate, you’ll need to part with just over £11,000 of your hard earned Brexit pounds.

This will get you accommodation for 7 nights, free drinks, including spirits and Spanish sparkling wine (no Champagne, Rich?), breakfast lunch and dinner, including one meal at a local restaurant, a concierge service, wireless internet and a daily housekeeping and pool service.

At the heart of the estate there is an original Finca building which dates back to the 1800s, with vines, citrus fruit trees and almond and olive trees surrounding.

Tempted? Us neither. Nothing beats a cheap hotel room with a broken loo and a family of cockroaches to discover. And as for the Finca, booze and wine. We’ll make do with a hearty coastal hike, knapsack and a shot of minibar Grappa, thanks.

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