6 Qualities A Top Class Hacker Needs To Have

Here are the 6 qualities a top class Hacker needs to make a truly awesome contribution to any tech startup dream team.  If you’re a Hipster or a Hustler, pay attention – this is who you’re looking for.

1. Insane Passion for Programming

More than almost any skill in the world, great programming takes a ridiculous level of practice.  And it’s only a real love for it that pulls you through all those endless hours at the screen.

2. Dogged Persistence & Patience

Problems in coding take time to work out.  Sometimes hours, sometimes days or sometimes even more. The quality of a Hacker is directly related to the amount of time he or she can sit with a problem.

3. Puzzle-Loving Creativity

And those problems take a lot of inventiveness, creativity and willingness to experiment to work out.  The Hacker’s creativity is different to that of the Hipster.  It’s more the creativity of Sherlock Holmes to that of an artist. You gotta be able to think outside the box, like css gone haywire.

4. Lone Wolf Self-Sufficiency

The Hipster and Hustler can turn to the rest of the team with most of their problems, to bounce ideas around and get help working them out. But not the Hacker; most of your challenges will be in a language the others can’t even understand! So you have to be entirely self-sufficient and able to work things out alone.

5. Hungry Researcher

That being said, someone somewhere almost always has the answer. So of course a Hacker has to be great at ‘Googling It’ or ‘Measuring Twice, Cutting Once.’

6. Eloquent Communicator

This last one is the key skill – absolutely essential for a successful startup.  And most Hackers lack it. Since you speak a different language to the Hipster and Hustler, you have to be able to see the situation from their perspective, and understand their problems and concerns, and goals, of course.  Then put things to them in ways they can clearly understand.  In their language. Without this skill, lots of frustrating misunderstanding is inevitable!
So, are you the Hacker?

And if you are, do you tick all these criteria and more?

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