5 Things Successful Founders Tell Themselves Every Morning In Front Of The Mirror

How do you keep going when all around you are losing their heads and blaming it on you? Rudyard Kipling, in for the ages poem “If” – says you must, but he didn’t tell us how! Here’s what we think at HHH;

1/ There’s no reason why this couldn’t be the greatest day of my life!

Why not – heck, it could be the worst, but stay cool – all you have to do is believe it’s a possibility and keep waiting for that special moment to come.

Some people say love comes when you least expect it – we say success only comes if you are expecting it – all together now; “ah, success, we’ve been expecting you!”

2/  5 people will annoy me today, and I will forgive them all

Fail to prepare, and prepare to fail, they say. And they are right. It’s so essential you are realistic about what you will encounter as you go about your day – it won’t all be good.

We’re all sensitive and we all get hurt feelings – every last one of us. When you get to a certain level of experience and success, having your feelings hurt should no longer bother you – more often than not, hurt feelings are the result of a misunderstanding, not a serious issue. Thick skin, peeps!

3/ It might not work, but I will try it anyway – and give it 100%

There’s nothing worse than the “fail before you got going” mentality. It’s a very weird thing but the world likes to play karma with people – how many times has it been said – if you don’t believe in it, why should anybody else. Be the positivity – be the light – there are a million reasons it might fail, but there is always at least one reason why it will succeed ; )

4/ I’m not looking beyond the next hour

Be in the moment – if your biggest meeting of the day is at 7pm, don’t kill the rest of the day by twiddling your thumbs and waiting for evening to come.

Move it down the billing and try to do something in the am that makes the pm look like small fry. Challenge yourself to beat your own expectations – it’s not as hard as you think!

5/ Say “You’re a Tiger” and growl at the mirror!

Ok, maybe not necessary, but if anyone is unexpectedly watching, it will definitely make their day!

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