4 Super Smooth Tools for Team Communication

Your tenacious tech start up team of at least one Hipster, Hacker and Hustler will perform only as well as they can communicate. That’s what team is all about!
The key to great communication is a combination of things.  Like truly respecting and understanding one another, crystal clear definition of individual roles and responsibilities, everyone being on exactly the same page with regard to the goals and mission of the business. And, last but not least, the right tools for quick, fluid, easy communication of progress and always knowing where you all stand at any particular moment.

This post is all about the last of these key factors: finding the right collection of super-efficient communication tools for your team.  Here are 4 we love and recommend. Try them and see what works for you!


Osios – project management for app developers

The crux of communication in development is a great project management tool that fits the job. App developing is a very specific kind of project, and requires a different form of communication, with different stages and priorities to another business, like copywriting, design or even building a website.
So if you’re working on an app, we recommend Osios, which was designed by app developers for app developers, and has won some prizes already for the very niche purpose it serves. The creation of mock ups is smooth and easy, designed to give you something impressive to show investors and clients. Milestones along the project path are crystal clear too, as is internal messaging of other team members.
Altogether a clean, uncluttered and easy to use tool.


Google Hangouts – great, convenient free text and video chat

I love this tool from Google+ for chatting.  It makes it so easy to message your team members and have quick, smooth face to face talks too.  You can chat on your phone, tablet or computer, and because it’s Google, you know most of your clients will have it too.
You can also archive conversations to reference later. It’s free and easy to use, and sits quietly in the corner of your screen. One of our faves.


Hipchat – easy chat for business and file sharing

This great tool has a monthly charge but takes easy chat one step further with great functionality for sharing files.  It’s specifically designed for business, and you can try it out with a 30-day free trial.


Wrike – solid all-round project management tool

A more general project management tool that makes sure you stay up to date with multiple projects, no matter how many, and no matter how big the team.  If you find yourself juggling dozens of projects and freelancers, this tool can help you easily and fluidly click between settings and projects.
Adaptable timelines show you at a glance where each person is on any particular stage or project, and who is next in that relay once they’ve finished their tasks, and tasks are colour-coded too!  The chat mode is not the clearest, so we recommend using it in conjunction with a great chat tool.
A simple, great all round project management tool for any tech start up.

Simplicity is always best

When it comes to communication, we find time and time again simplicity is key. It’s probably best to experiment and find the project management and chat tools that work best for your particular style and business, with as few unnecessary bells and whistles as possible.

Do you know any fantastic team communication tools you’d love to share with the world?

Comment below, we want to hear about them!



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