10 Top Tips for a Perfect App Business Pitch (part 1)

Got a gorgeous app idea?  If you want to get others on board, especially people with money, you have to know how to express your app business in just the right way to get them excited in minutes.  Even in the first few seconds.  Because that’s all the time you might have. I’ve seen hundreds of people talking about their app businesses at our Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers events. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.  And interestingly enough, even the most incredible app ideas still need a powerful pitch to get people excited. A bad pitch can turn people off anything.

Even the Best App Needs Pitching Practice.

It’s always worth taking the time to craft and practice a pitch with all the right elements to get attention because even if your idea is wonderful, if people can’t see the value and get excited within the first 30 seconds or so of you talking, then they might not even give you time to hear more. So to give you a nudge in the right direction, here are…

10 Powerful Tips for App Pitching Success (Part I)

1. Know your target

You might be pitching to a hugely diverse room of people involved in apps, but who specifically do you want to get excited about your project? If it’s financiers, make sure you’ve carefully considered what they are looking for – most likely an exciting, reliable return on investment – and make sure your whole pitch is promising exactly that.

2. Your problem

Express with crystal clarity what problem exists that your app is the solution to. Don’t leave people wondering what exactly you’re trying to solve.  Sounds obvious?  You’d be surprised how many forget it.

3. Your solution

Tell them how you solve the problem.  And more importantly, how your app solves it better than the existing solutions out there. In as few words as possible, and as early on in the pitch as possible, you want your audience to think, ‘ah, yes, that is a legitimate problem’ and then, ‘ah, wow, this guy is actually offering a solution that’s better than the solutions already available out there in the app world… I’m listening.’

4. Use a story if possible

At the start of your pitch, use a story if you can.  A good story can illustrate a problem and the solution in the most visual, powerful and immediate way possible.  And to hook them hardest of all, use a story which your target audience can relate to. Something they personally experience every day.  If you do, you’ll see their eyes light up. And there’s one more essential element to getting your audience completely hooked in the first few seconds of your pitch…

5. Demonstrate awesome credibility

In whatever way you can, show them how credible you are.  This can be in the form of your successes so far in this particular app business – your sales, contracts, key hires, product launches, or anything else. Show them you’re taking action and know what you’re doing. Impress them!
You can also create great personal credibility by selling yourself, your business experience, anything that will make you shine. This is where most people fall down. Do not be afraid to blow your own trumpet – blow it harder than you’ve ever blown it before. Like you’re calling an army to your cause… an army of investors!
And remember, for all five of these first essential points must come in the first 20 or 30 seconds of your pitch.  So practice getting super-concise!

Look out for part 2 of this post, where we’ll talk about how to give the numbers of your app business in a way to make any investor’s mouth water.


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